Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kitchen Gets an Island and New Pantry

We quickly realized the the kitchen was not terribly functional, especially due to the lack of counter space.  First thought: buy/build island.  After looking for something used for a couple weeks, made a trip to Home Depot and picked up two white cabinets from a truck load sale they were having.  Picked up a 30" base cabinet and a set of drawers.  This gives us an almost 4' island.  Temporarily we are using a sheet of good-one-side 1/2" plywood leftover from shelving project.  Already the island is used everyday, all the time, and don't know how we could do without it now.

Empty... not much counter space.

Island added in.

Not hardware or counter top yet.

Around the same time, Erica's mom came down to visit.  As part of ah house-warming gift, she bought us 3 upper cabinets (same truck load sale as the island cabinets we used) to replace the pantry we currently had.  The pantry we had was a bit too deep and too far place left that the doors hit the fridge when open and we couldn't barely pull the shelves out from the fridge due to fridge door hitting pantry.

We screwed the new upper cabinets together and to the wall to create a new pantry which isn't as deep as the old one and moved to the right about 6".  This allows us to get the drawers out of the fridge easily and both doors can easily open.

Picture from house sale ad.
Note painter's tape handles.

More pictures to come in the near future.

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